We at Plugsol are with many year experience in developing mobile applications across a range of different platforms including Windows, iOS, Android, Web and Tablets, we have established a strong reputation for helping businesses and organisations to achieve their goals. Our Company PlugSol develops different mobile websites accessible as native application on mobile devices. We use different and latest mobile JavaScript framework, Sencha and jQTouch, a jQuery plugin. We develop mobile applications in different platform using different languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Java and ASP.NET for Mobile App, Mobile Web, Android App, Apple iOS App, BlackBerry App, Windows Phone App and Cross-Platform App mobile applications and mobile websites still have different purposes. We at PlugSol will assist you in making the right and best in class choice.
Mobile apps can be run only on a phone they are designed. However mobile websites can be run on any kind of devices with a web browser. If anyone is interested in reaching a niche market represented by use of particular devices and operating systems, then a mobile application is a sure and best choice for it. If you are interested in targeting mass market, then you have mobile websites at your top service. We as a Mobile and Web development company, PlugSol gives you a universal means of reaching clients. Mobile applications can provide larger functionality, working effortlessly with native applications in a very complex way, and for mobile apps do not necessarily require Internet connection. Mobile apps are a preferable and very good choice for utilities and games.

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